Brand Pre-Flight*

Before a jet takes off for a flight, the pilot plots a course to the destination and sets a flight plan. Key aspects of the flight are identified so that appropriate preparation and configurations can be made. That way everyone involved in the flight – the crew, ground handlers, fuelers, traffic control – can do their jobs in harmony for a successful mission. 

Communications is like flying a jet. Planning and awareness help to keep things on course. Clarified brand positioning and audience insight helps to determine the best route – to make smarter more confident decisions about messaging, names, brand voice, design, strategies and tactics…everything.  

* Read this page and you can skip reading our website. Sure we love to brag about our long list of past clients. And yes we have an approach that sounds brilliant when we describe it. And yes our design style is award-winning. But, duh. We better right? We’re communication experts. This page provides a snapshot of how we think and what we do. And then, enough about us. We should be talking about you. 

Is your brand flight ready?

 Get specific. Really specific. Ask questions like:

Why are we trying to communicate in the first place?
What is the true objective?
What is the most important outcome?  Second most?
What must be avoided?
How will success and failure be determined?
What can be measured?
What’s the job description of the [logo, name, website, print ad, investor package etc] that we are creating?


The Touch Point Universe:

Every point of contact “says” something to the audience about the brand, leading the audience either toward or away from the right perception. Are your touch points saying the rights things?



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