“It’s amazing what happens when a company gets a little more creative about strategy and strategic about creative.” – Robert D TenEyck

THECOREIDEA provides brand strategy and message development services. Think of us as a “special ops” team on a mission to liberate companies from lazy and ineffective messaging and design.  

It’s called THECOREIDEA to remind ourselves, and our clients, that when used well, nothing is more powerful than the right words and images.


Simplify It. Focus it. Nail it.

It could be naming a new company. Or launching a new product. Or campaigning for support for a nonprofit. Or building an app. Or informing the public about community plans. Or seeking funding for a business plan. Or unifying a team.  The heart of making smart and effective communications decisions does not change, even as the mediascape gets more complicated with evermore options and opportunities.

We’ve condensed our version into three basic principals. It works every time. Ask for examples.

Tell Brand Truth:

Do not lie. If you make promises you cannot fulfill, you may never recover. That’s why step one is a ruthless look at who you, your brand, your product or service really is. We give you an experienced outside perspective into who you are at your core and the nature of the competitive environment.

Get Audience Informed:

With a background in politics, our strategic approach to understanding your audience is not your typical ad agency view. No fluffy marketing here. Victory is zeroing in on the pivotal issues – from the audience perspective — that will determine your success. Every audience has a mindset. Understanding it yields powerful insights.

Let The Core Idea Lead You:

A Core Idea is the foundation for smart and focused strategic and creative decisions. It is a distillation that considers all known factors to align the thinking and the resources to where they serve best. Now you can develop clean, elegant and compelling communications driven by a single powerful idea – your Core Idea.

core brand-based + consumer-informed + core idea led = compelling stuff

Founder Bio

ROBERT DANIEL TENEYCK …brings a perspective that has helped a lot of organizations make more confident decisions in building their brand and marketing strategies. He established THECOREIDEA to help organizations improve their marketing communications by telling better and more effective brand stories. With deep experience in crafting and launching new brands (and re-launching brands with new focus and energy), Robert specializes in crafting uniquely effective messages and marketing approaches for emerging companies.

Before establishing THECOREIDEA, Robert was co-founder of Ideocore, an agency specializing in launch communications for new companies and products. Robert served as Director of Strategy and Brand Clarity from 2000-2010.  With offices in New York, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, Robert worked with dozens of brands in categories including high tech, bio tech, telephony, financial services, publishing, energy, luxury, lifestyle and others.

TenEyck first sharpened his strategic communications skills in the political arena. He served in key strategic roles in more than 120 political contests that have helped elect officials such as mayors, US Congressmen and just about every position in between.

Now, as a Santa Barbara-based consultant, TenEyck holds his dream job. He uses his strategic skills to help companies, venture groups and nonprofit organizations across the US (and now Europe!) cut through the clutter to achieve their business goals through compelling brand stories, messaging and creative marketing.