Want to see some evidence that we know what we’re doing? Ok, here are a few fun cases. But please refrain from thinking this clever creative is merely a beauty contest.  Each example applies strategy and design to produce a tailored business solution. There are hundreds more examples. Really. Just ask.

Our Work

Pond Mobile

A group of European wireless telephone industry veterans set out to create an international mobile phone company for upscale travelers. We were asked to develop a name and identity concept. First we did some research and applied insight about the audience mindset and the complex international wireless brand landscape. We used the insight to craft a “job description” for the new identity that reflected the unique brand promise while meeting our client’s criteria for extending the brand across multiple cultures and languages.  To “cross the pond” is a euphemism for crossing the ocean, particularly common the UK and USA. The term implies ease and familiarity suggesting that crossing a vast ocean is as accessible and common as crossing town…as indeed is the case for international business commuters. “Pond” is a distinctive yet simple name concept that translates easily and is evocative of the high-end and sophisticated brands already familiar to the upscale traveler.  Simple. Refined. Elegant.  Now available in Europe and Russia.  Coming soon to the USA.


The world of medical billing is extremely complicated and not user-friendly. A NYC-based entrepreneur recognized this multi-billion dollar industry as ripe for innovation and created the a web app that radically “humanizes” the medical billing process, bringing the same quality of experience that tech savvy people have come to expect from leading mobile apps…simple, visually pleasing, intuitive and unquestionably functional.  The name DaisyBill was developed to be evocative of the distinctly fresh and web-based perspective. Almost impossible to say without smiling, DaisyBill is a rebel brand — a friendly and optimistic brand in a category characterized by bland, impersonal, and “unfriendly” user experiences.  Using bright and energetic color and simple UI, the DaisyBill brand embodies the promise of an evermore simple, intuitive, and efficient experience for the user.

Popcorn 479°

A couple of hip foodies in San Francisco decided that popcorn was an ideal medium for combining and experiencing gourmet flavors. After introducing us to their amazing flavor creations (think Smoked AlderWood Seasalt, Black Truffle/White Cheddar, Madras Curry Coconut & Cashew, etc), they asked us to develop a brand name to elevate the stature of popcorn’s image from pedestrian snack to a worthy choice of flavor connoisseurs.  So we dug in and discovered there is a lot to know about popcorn and gourmet flavors.  The wide variety of kernel types deliver different texture experiences and distribute flavor uniquely. And the temperature at which a kernel is popped can make a big difference… 479 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. That became basis of the new brand name.  479° Popcorn is a brand name that evokes the company’s deep knowledge about the “science” of popcorn while sparking the curiosity of the audience and inviting them into a new way of thinking about the snack they thought they knew.


Determining the most important target audience is crucial to devising a great name. For ESTALEA, a successful incubator of online businesses, the internal audience was the most crucial as the primary ambassadors for the company.

The Name: es•ta•le•a es-ta-la-a n, [attitude] 1a: trans (LATIN): “has been cast,” Julius Caesar, 49 B.C. when crossing the river Rubicon to take his troops into battle, with no turning back, said “Jacta est alea” [the die has been cast]; to definitively commitment to making bold decisions and acting on those decisions; 1b: an attitude possessed by bold individuals throughout time; 2: a company that embodies such an attitude.

The “Crossroads” Icon Mark: Every ESTALEA moment is a crossroads where a decision has to be made – some instances where the right choice is clear and confidence is the only thing that is required, other instances where the right choice will only bear out over time and faith is required. There are five crossroads to represent the fact that at ESTALEA, there is not one single bold decision to be made, rather, there are bold decisions always to be made and bold people to make them.