Whatever Happened to Ideocore? – The farewell letter…

By Robert Teneyck

- August 28th, 2012


We can’t believe it’s been over nine years. Back in July 2000, after a year or so of discussing/planning/dreaming/soul searching, Ideocore officially open its doors. At the time it was pretty scary, but we were exhilarated because we had a sense of God leading us to something promising and worthwhile. And was it ever! From the very first week we have had the honor to work with amazing organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to brand new companies and product launches of nearly every kind. And our “Core Idea Philosophy” remains a part of the communication platform of many companies all over the US, and even in Europe and South America. What started in a (very) humble garage space in Santa Barbara’s funk zone expanded to have satellite offices in New York City and San Francisco.